International Exhibition for Perimeter Protection, Fencing and Building Security

18 - 20 January 2022 // Nuremberg, Germany

Focus topic drone detection and defence

special area drones

Close a critical security gap – threats from our airspace

There’s no doubt that reliable perimeter protection begins with solid fencing systems, adequate video surveillance as well as door and gate technologies. In the light of current threat scenarios, it is no longer enough to simply secure the grounds as such using active and passive systems. There’s an almost immeasurable threat emanating from the air above us, because unmanned flying objects that are barely visible to the naked eye, or are only spotted when it’s too late, can approach the grounds that need to be protected.

This is why Perimeter Protection will be presenting the latest developments in drone defence. Due to the increasing urgency of this issue, our focus topic in 2022 will be:

  • Systems for UAV detection
  • Systems for UAV elimination
  • Systems for UAV deflection
  • Accessories

Get to know the wide range of systems available, compare the products with your needs and find the best solutions to meet your customers’ requirements.

All companies and individuals protected by conventional security measures now also need protection against hostile drones in our airspace! Perimeter Protection will present everything you need to know to make a decision on your drone defence system.