International Exhibition for Perimeter Protection, Fencing and Building Security

14 - 16 January 2025 // Nuremberg, Germany

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In the run-up to Perimeter Protection 2025

  • Save-the-date post for Perimeter Protection 2025
  • Name your personal visitor codes and invite your customers.
  • Name your stand and hall number.
  • Introduce staff (text/video clip) who will be on site. Make appointments on site + online.
  • Announce what your customers can expect at Perimeter Protection 2025 (text, photos, videos, …).
  • Post a video clip with a personal invitation from the Managing Director/Marketing Director/etc.

Right before the start of the fair

  • Post behind-the-scenes content from your trade fair preparations (meetings, stand construction, preparation of documents, ...).
  • Post behind-the-scenes content from the journey to Nuremberg, during set up, ...

During the exhibition

  • Post impressions during the exhibition

After the trade fair

  • Thank all participants.
  • Post impressions and summaries from Perimeter Protection.
  • Share statements from staff, clients, partners, …

We look forward to many exciting contributions and insights into your trade fair preparations!

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