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14 - 16 January 2025 // Nuremberg, Germany

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  • Cyber-physical security: When IT and reality merge

    Physical security solutions for protecting people and property can act as a gateway for attackers. This is especially true if the devices are networked. How can we ensure that cybersecurity systems are protected?

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  • Physical access controls – crucial for security management

    Whether it is part of a comprehensive security system or just a simple lock, access control provides quick and secure access for authorized parties and keeps unauthorized individuals out. The technical reality can be as varied as the security requirements themselves.

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  • Drones – the danger from above

    Drones are are readily accessible and their cameras and sensors are becoming increasingly powerful, these unmanned aerial vehicles pose a growing threat to perimeter protection.

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  • Video systems keep perimeter protection in the picture

    Cameras are the eyes of modern security systems, making them an indispensable part of site protection. The advantages of video technology can really come to the fore whenever large areas, or several locations, need to be monitored centrally.

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  • Crises highlight importance of risk management and resilience

    Securing outdoor sites and buildings involves a complementary interplay of electronics, mechanical measures, and security personnel. These three mainstays go hand in hand, and each of them is currently having to tackle their own specific challenges.

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